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About me

Welcome! I’m Michael LONGO, currently a computer sciences student, in an engineering school called the UTBM in Belfort, in France.

My passion

As you would probably notice reading this website, I’m passionate about computers, and more specifically about programming.

For many years, I’ve been developing using Web technologies, such as JavaScript for example. I think this language is a very wonderful one but which is not well understood.
To be honest, I’m not a fan of creating websites called "conventional", and that’s why I’ve never developed a full website. I’ve only been using those languages or technologies to get into programming and algorithmic in depth.

However, year after year, and also thanks to my studies, I’ve been discovering new languages, especially languages to make software, which attract me as much as the others.
The language I’m most comfortable with, after JavaScript, is certainly Java because I’ve been studying it for years now. But I also like others languages such as C or C++.
I’ve a special affection for atypical languages (the assembly for example) which entertains me. Indeed, I’m someone who likes complexity, and headaches!

My studies

Regarding my studies, after completing my Baccalauréat scientifique (equivalent to A-Level in Sciences), I joined the private Computer Sciences school named SUPINFO in Toulouse. However, the way the school worked and the atmosphere didn’t suit me at all, and that’s why I chose to leave after the first year and to head towards more conventional schools.

So I joined an IUT (Institute of Technology), in Computer Sciences, in Rodez, in the Aveyron department, in the middle of nowhere (I’ll get beaten up for that… :) ). However, it was a really good choice because it was a wonderful experience. The people were awesome, I still keep in touch with many of them, and the courses were also very good, with skillful teachers. It’s a very good school that I have no hesitation in recommending to others!

After graduating with my DUT (2-year technical degree, which is the diploma you got at the IUT) with good marks, I wanted to continue my studies and I looked for an engineering school. The two schools I applied to (INSA Toulouse and UTBM Belfort) answered positively, and as you know, I chose to join the UTBM. Back at that time, I thought the way the UTBM works was more attractive. And I still think it’s the case, but I don’t have enough hindsight yet to say if it was the right choice or not. However, I’m not someone who regrets the choices he makes :).
During my first semester at the UTBM, I passed my Bulats with a score of 89/100, which amounts to a C1 level. (I’m a little disappointed to have missed the C2 by only one question!)

Mon behavior

About me… I think I’m someone who is pretty normal… I get along with people easily and I like to meet new people. I almost never get angry because I’m cheerful by nature.
I think that I can be very serious when my work is destined to be used, or when other people are involved. I always try my best to fulfill, at least, the fixed objectives and of course meeting the deadlines.

I always go straight to the point, if there are two different paths that lead to the same result (same quality), I’ll choose, without hesitation, the shortest one!

If you were to ask me what my main weakness are, I would divide my talk into two parts :D

Regarding my private life,
and not my professional one, my main weakness is certainly my laziness. However, I know perfectly well how to knuckle down when I’m working! Let's not confuse things.

Regarding my professional life,
my main weakness, which affects mostly me, is my honesty. Indeed, I prefer to say things as they are even if it could jeopardise me in one way or another. (I think this presentation is a good example!).
But, if I have to find a weakness which affects my surroundings, I think I’m sometimes stubborn. If someone pointed out an error I had made, or something I had said incorrectly, I would often test it myself to prove to myself that I was indeed wrong or right.

My hobbies

I don’t have that many hobbies, but let’s take a look.
Well, even if it’s a cliché, I’m fond of programming! I spend a lot of time everyday programming little tools or games, in JavaScript or Java mostly. I never publish them, because they are, most of the time, just a way to keep myself busy and to discover new concepts.
In general, I like fiddling with computers.

Then, I spent many years helping people on forums, such as le Site du Zéro (a French forum with almost 500 000 members talking about all aspects of computers) where I was one of the most active members of the JavaScript section between 2007 and 2012. But because of my studies, and the disappointing evolution of the website, I’m just a spectator now.

Japanese animation is also something I like. I think it’s like watching a TV-show, but without any limits. The writers and animators can create the world they want without any technical limits, and that’s good!

As you will have noticed, most of my hobbies take place on a computer, but that’s not all!
I love playing billiards (pool), and I’m currently a member of the pool club of Belfort. It’s a small unpretentious club, but a very kind one!

I also started a project in 2012, my friends say I'm crazy, The project is to build by myself a pool table, from a SolidWorks model I’ve made and some wooden plank!
It's now mostly finished and I'm proud of the result :).

Finally, I’m also a little cinema buff, and I often hang out with friends watching the new releases, from the best ones to the worst ones...

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    Take part in the development of interesting or challenging softwares having a kind of complexity.

Main strenghts

  • Passionate
  • Friendly and serious
  • Quick understanding
  • Good visualisation of problems
  • Good level in English, Bulats C1


2009 ~ 2010 SUPINFO - Private engineering school - dropped
2009 A-levels in sciences with honours (special emphasis on mathematics)

Work experiences

2013 Trainee for “Matta Consulting Ltd” (London/UK)
- Designed and developed (Java) from scratch a set of monitoring and analysis software.
- Autonomous work, many different technologies were used.
- 6 months.
2012 Trainee for “Sylob” (Albi/France)
- Designed and developed (Java) from scratch a synchronization tool between local Informix or Postgre databases and Google Apps (calendar, contact)
- Autonomous work
- 3 months.
2011 Seasonal worker for the town hall (Revel/France)
- Celebration department, installed the equipment for the summer animations.
- Team work, touch with people.
- 2 months.


2013 Developed a game based on the board game “Small World”
- School project, in groups of 4, in Java.
- Team work, deep analysis, short deadline.
2012 Analysis and behavior development on a robot “Rug Warrior”
- School project, in groups of 3, in Interactive C.
- Developed some behaviors such as "rotate", "drive 1m", "get out of the labyrinth".
- Analysis from scratch directly from the robot.
2011 Developed a game based on the well-known “Battleship”
- School project, in groups of 2, in Java.
- Console application, developed a very simple AI.
2010 Developed a breakout game in assembly
- School project, in groups of 3, in Assembly.
- Running on emu8086, hard work but working.
200X Developed a browser game type MMORPG
- Long-standing project
- Allowed me to broaden my JavaScript knowledge and to test many new technologies.


  • Java (Mastered)
  • C++ (Good level)
  • C (Good level)
  • Assembly (Solid basis)
  • OpenGL (Solid basis)
  • Prolog (Good level)
  • CUDA, MPI, UPC (Basis)
  • (x)HTML / CSS (Mastered)
  • JavaScript (Mastered)
  • NodeJS (Solid basis)
  • PHP (Mastered)
  • J2EE, Hibernate (Solid basis)
  • SQL (Oracle, MySQL) (Mastered)
  • MongoDB (Good level)
  • CouchDB (Basis)
  • UML, Merise (Good level)
  • CISCO Networks (Basis)
  • Revision control software (Svn, Git)
  • Ant, Maven
  • Ansible
  • French (Native speaker)
  • English (Read, written, spoken, lv. C1)
  • Spanish (Basic)
  • Japanese (Notions)
  • Passionate
  • Friendly, sociable
  • Good logical thinking
  • Quick understanding
  • Serious and independent

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