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UTBM trains engineers to be quickly operational and particularly suited to technological evolution and to changes in society. Furthermore, the courses offered are enhanced by industrial research activities.

Created in 1999, UTBM is a university with scientific, cultural and professional objectives. A member of a group of universities of technology, UTBM was formed from the merger of two universities: the Engineering University of Belfort (l'Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Belfort founded in 1962) and the Polytechnic Institute of Sevenans (l'Institut Polytechnique de Sévenans - founded in Sévenans in 1985).

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About me

I joined this engineering school in September 2012, after graduating with my DUT Informatique. The main attractive thing about this school is the fact that we're allowed to build by ourselves our course. Indeed, every semester we have to choose our courses within a list given by the school.

This allows the students to specialize pretty early while being under the supervision of the school which oblige some courses such as mathematics for example.
There, are the differents courses I've taken during my studies :
  • Object-oriented programming (passed A)
  • Architecture of IT systems (passed A)
  • Foundations of algebra and analysis (mathematics) (passed A)
  • Theoretical foundations of computer (mathematics) (passed A)
  • English level 3 (passed B)
  • Oral expression and public speaking (passed B)
  • Artificial Intelligence: Concepts and domain-specific languages (passed A)
  • Multicore and parallel computing (passed A)
  • Computer systems security (passed A)
  • Local area networks (passed B)
  • Japanese level 0 (passed A)
  • Financial management and investment (passed B)
  • Java Enterprise Applications Architectures and Development Frameworks (passed A)
  • Systems for embedded computing (passed A)
  • Distributed algorithms and protocols (passed A)
  • Principles and mechanisms for embedded real-time applications (passed A)
  • Image Synthesis (passed B)
  • Japanese level 1 (passed B)
  • Industrial heritage: cultural and economic issues (passed C)
The marking (ECTS) goes from A to E, and F when the course is failed
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